My Puppy Likes To Play

I have a puppy that likes to play with rubber balls. I threw him a yellow ball to play with. My puppy loves to chew rubber balls. He chewed the yellow ball.

My puppy found a red ball in the yard. He played with the red ball in the yard.

My puppy found a blue ball in the yard. I kicked the blue ball and he ran after it.

I am looking for another ball for my puppy. What should I do next with that ball?

How many rubber balls did my puppy find?

What color was the rubber ball the puppy played with?

What did my puppy do with the yellow rubber ball?
Chewed it
Ran with it
Ate it
Gave it to his owner

What did my puppy do with the blue rubber ball?
Played with it
Ran after it
There wasn't a blue ball
None of the above